Subtitle Poll

Changed to a Monthly Poll. Yeah, I’m lazy.

See that subtitle hanging out up there at the top of the page? We want you to help us decide on this month’s subtitle! We’ll be updating this poll monthly. Here’s how it works. The one with the most votes will be the subtitle for next week, and the next 2 with the highest amount of votes will be included in the next weeks poll again, with ties being decided at the editor’s discretion. Tell us what YOU want! We’ll update the subtitle and add a new poll the first Monday of every month. (Thought of a good one? Email it to us from our contact page, or leave a comment, and if it’s good, we’ll include it in next week’s poll!)

Which subtitle should we use next month?
1 Like stealing candy from a baby… she said she aborted
2 Stealing lettuce from bunnies… since 1988
3 A laxative… for your mind
4 More fun than… being on hold
5 Inching closer… to world domination
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