15 05 2007

I will never stop being amazed at how just when you start to get bored on the internet, something catches your eye and reminds you of the endless entertainment out there. is a website maintained by a group of Savannah College of Art and Design alumni, calling themselves “The Dandy Dwarves”. The movies on the website are nothing short of incredible. So far, they’ve released 4 short films, with a new one every month, covering everything from a family with a temper-tantrum prone robot daughter, to the highly stylized love-at-first-sight story of a couple that meets in the back of a taxi cab (my personal favorite, embedded down there for your enjoyment). And just in case the videos weren’t enough, the people at SCADshorts are giving away a video iPod every month to a person who can guess the correct title of that month’s film that can be abbreviated as SCAD (for example, the robot one was Scantily Clad Android Daughter). I liked it so much that I subscribed to their videos on YouTube. Definitely worth a look!

By Ryan Squires


Baking News: Cop who called 911 high off pot brownies NOT CHARGED!

11 05 2007

pot brownieseNow I am not a manic news viewer, but I do like to update myself once or twice a week. To my surprise, I tuned to MSNBC to find the anchorwoman cracking up hysterically over some breaking news. Today it was revealed that Michigan police decided not to criminally charge officer Edward Sanchez for using confiscated marijuana to bake “special” brownies for him and his wife on April 21 of last year. His five minute call to 911 is nothing short of hilarious disturbing. He moans to the operator, “I think we’re dying, we made brownies and I think we’re dead, I really do!” Why it took over a year to charge the officer is insane enough, let alone dropping charges altogether. One thing is for sure, potheads around the world can rest assured that the police are not destroying their confiscated weed, they are recycling it. Click through for news video and full 911 recording.

By Joe Famularo

Clown Morgue

10 05 2007

…I don’t even know where to begin (although this would be a pretty good place). This short film was made by yours truly during my senior year of high school. It stars the creators of this blog, Ryan and I, in a strange comedy unlike any other. It is basically a parody of all student films, you know those annoying, black and white, emo ones? Check out Revver for a higher quality version and by clicking the ads that follow, a few pennies will be hoarded donated to our cause. Now although you don’t have watch it, you do have to like it!

By Joe Famularo