We’re Moving!

16 10 2007

Ok, ok…I know its been months since our last article. But we have lives too, no matter how boring or unfulfilled. We have been considering letting splOOg die, all the nights of hard work just thrown away. However, I made the executive decision to start fresh. New. Improved. Moved. Yes, in the next few weeks we will be moving to a new site, sploogblog.blogspot.com. Now I can’t promise anything, but, I think the move will help us develop splOOg into a world class bag of crap. Just be patient. Sit tight. Because if we build it…YOU WILL COME.


Live From Las Vegas Baby!

17 07 2007

Okay, so I know its been a while (two months) since we’ve updated splOOg much, but we’ve all been really, really busy. I’ve been working non-stop in Santa Cruz, haven’t even gone to the Boardwalk yet! Ryan’s been uh…well…not doing much at all, but I’m sure he has good reasons for his absence of content (Its called WOW). Anyways in a few weeks it will be back up to speed again. Hopefully. At the moment we are both in Las Vegas, FOR FREE! Thats right, we got free airfare and a gi-normous suite at The Venetian, and all I had to do was go on stage for a focus group on movies and music. So ya, I’ve been a little distracted, if you know what I mean. There are a lot of “distractions” in Sin City…and I mean a lot.

Post Drought… Take 2: Finals Edition

8 06 2007

Blog + Finals/Moving to Santa Cruz = Disappointed blog visitors.  Next weekend… we promise.  Post EXPLOSION!!