Dirty Hanky #1: A Crazy Little Thing Called Sleep

11 05 2007

Today we’re adding a new column by Joe Famularo which focuses on personal, cultural, and philosophical issues. Its title, Dirty Hanky, refers to the excessive thoughts begging to escape the mind. We think it is a unique, refreshing addition to our already eclectic blog.

Whether you believe in evolution, intelligent design, or the stork theory; one aspect of human life is universally annoying. Sleep. We are forced to do it everyday, or, for those like myself, every couple of days. Why? Why must we go through this ritual day after day, from birth to death? Now I do admit that sleep has its upsides. It gives us access to our dreams. Allows us to relax. And recharges our body to prevent a horribly painful death. However, there is still something odd about sleep. No one ever seems to question it. Whatever your views on life may be, sleep is an oddity.

  • Evolution – After billions of years, couldn’t organisms find some other way to recharge the body?
  • Creationism – If we are indeed made in God’s image and likeness, must we theorize that He must sleep eight hours a day as well?
  • Stork Theory – Wouldn’t being carried inside a dark sack hanging from a bird make humans never need to sleep again?

We just sleep. Logically, it seems that today’s busy lifestyle would spawn some scientific alternative to sleep. Perhaps a sleep pill, a sort of sponge for the unconscious. I say this because at the moment I am running on less than five hours of sleep in the past two days. I can feel my mind slowly pulling me into unconsciousness. Yet, I fight it. Essays. AIM. Work. Facebook. Blog. Thousands of thoughts run through my brain; some useless, some vital. I still keep typing. Typing. Fighting. Losing. A battle that’s already lost. For in the end, be it ten minutes, or ten hours, I will sleep.

By Joe Famularo