Take a peek into Pandora’s box…

30 05 2007

It’s been a bit since I’ve read up on my Greek folklore (read: never), so bear with me if this is a bit off. Pandora’s box was the last gift that the gods gave the human race. No one was quite sure what it would be, until somebody opened it and got sentenced to being eaten by vultures for the rest of eternity. Or something like that. Look it up. What am I a friggin’ encylopedia? ANYWAYS, Pandora is a lot like a modern-day, non-pagan, Web 2.0 version of that. In fact it wins the splOOg seal of approval as “Quite possibly the coolest thing ever”. Type in any band or song that you love, and it will find endless songs that are similar, and therefore awesome. Thanks to the lawyers, you can just have it play any old song that you want it to, but you can get it to play a song from an artist you like if you type in their name. It’s definitely worth a look. Check it out. Now. Please? I’ll be your best friend!

By Ryan Squires


Mail Those Old CD’s Out for Some Fresh Ones With lala.com

29 05 2007

Trading instead of buying/selling seems to be what’s hot in today’s internet marketplace. Last week I reviewed a website, swaptree.com, that let users trade their old CD’s, DVD’s, and games with others for only the cost of shipping. Now, lala.com brings its own flavor to online trading posts. Instead of all media, lala focuses solely on music. They also charge a flat fee of $1.75 per trade, shipping included. Once you sign up, the company sends you a welcome package with five CD cases and mailers. Then, just add your CD’s to your “have list” and choose others for your “want list”. Then you play the waiting game. Depending on how many CD’s are on your want list, you should receive one of your choices in the mail in a few weeks. Each CD you ship to another user gives you one point. One point, one CD, one dollar. And some change. Simple as that. After using both Lala and Swaptree, I’ve found that its easier to get rid of your CDs with lala.com. I recommend using both services in order to find the most choices. Lala is currently live, so no waiting for a public beta. If only there was a way to avoid typing in UPC codes for every CD. Audiophiles…looks like you’ve got a lot of late nights ahead.By Joe Famularo