Girl Fakes Enrollment at Stanford for Eight Months – NEW SPLOOGER ALERT!

28 05 2007

Uh oh, a new member of the highly accredited splOOg team. Meet Mr. B. A legend among the community, Mr. B’s sheer presence evokes awe and commands respect. We welcome him to the blog with his first post, and you better pay your respects. Unless you’d rather pay $100, that would work too.

Whats up Y’all, This is Azor12, aka Mr. B, new author for my two taskmasters…err I mean “friends.” Lets go with that. So I will try and introduce some random thoughts as well to this Blog. To start this thing right take a look at this story.

Ok. Read up. Good

Damn Don’t know if I should be impressed with her or just shocked that Stanford did not catch this for 8 months. Wow. Impressive Stanford. Hats off to you.

Well, later days folks.

By Mr. B


It’s Friday!

25 05 2007

Happy Thursday! Wait… no, that’s not right… *checks website* Ohhh… ok! Thanks! This is just one of the many ways (ok, the only way) that can make modern life simpler. From the people who brought you (or at least people of a similar mindset), comes the “Is It…” websites. Yes, they actually made isitmonday through‘s and put similar sites on each, although there seems to be a problem with Monday at the moment. But isn’t there always? Ba dum CHA! If you’re ever stuck without a calender and have a desperate need to know what day of the week it is, these websites should do the trick. And by the way, yes, it is Friday. Go ahead and check out the entire week of the “is it” sites… but only if you’re really, REALLY bored.

This just in:, is not affiliated with all of the other “is it” sites.  The creator told us so.  Holy crap we’re famous.

By Ryan Squires

You’re the Man Now Dog!

16 05 2007

I’m sure you’ve seen them at least once while stumbling around the net, those strange pictures with zooming words and a looping soundtrack. On the cyber-street they are known as YTMND’s. A few years back, Max Goldberg created this viral sensation when he repeated a line from Finding Forrester (“You’re the man now dog!”) in front of a tiled picture of Sean Connery on his website. That’s it. A few years and lawsuits later, Goldberg’s creation has expanded into a showroom of thousands of these simple yet hilarious creations. The website allows users to create their own ytmnd’s and share them with the world, or more likely a few snickering friends. Want to get back at a friend or co-worker? Imagine their suprized face when they see their embarrassing photo along with Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and the words “We all know you have crabs” shooting off the screen. The possibilities are endless. Give it a shot, you might find a creative spark trapped inside your soul, and create a masterpiece, like myself, involving Kanye West and herpes. A few of my fav’s include Cosby Bebop, Pepsi Blue, and the Helen Keller MMORPG.

By Joe Famularo


15 05 2007

I will never stop being amazed at how just when you start to get bored on the internet, something catches your eye and reminds you of the endless entertainment out there. is a website maintained by a group of Savannah College of Art and Design alumni, calling themselves “The Dandy Dwarves”. The movies on the website are nothing short of incredible. So far, they’ve released 4 short films, with a new one every month, covering everything from a family with a temper-tantrum prone robot daughter, to the highly stylized love-at-first-sight story of a couple that meets in the back of a taxi cab (my personal favorite, embedded down there for your enjoyment). And just in case the videos weren’t enough, the people at SCADshorts are giving away a video iPod every month to a person who can guess the correct title of that month’s film that can be abbreviated as SCAD (for example, the robot one was Scantily Clad Android Daughter). I liked it so much that I subscribed to their videos on YouTube. Definitely worth a look!

By Ryan Squires

Uncyclopedia: The Ultimate Spoof

14 05 2007

How many times have you had people tell you you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet? Most of the time they’re at least partly right, but when they seem to think that no user-generated/original content has any value whatsoever, that really boils my broccoli. Next time some wise-ass spouts some uninformed internet Haterade™* on your favorite informational website (personally, mine is Wikipedia, and I’d imagine a lot of people reading this agree with that), give them something to REALLY complain about. Direct them and their complaints towards Uncyclopedia, the antithesis of it’s (much) more informative cousin. If the person happens to have a sense of humor, they’ll find plenty to chuckle at here. Every article pokes fun at its own subject in one way or another, and is generally 100% false in every way shape and form. Pointless? Yes, but it’s our civic duty as members of the brotherhood of splOOgdom to inform you of it. So start reading, damn it!

*Haterade is not a real product, no matter how much it should be.

By Ryan Squires

Baking News: Cop who called 911 high off pot brownies NOT CHARGED!

11 05 2007

pot brownieseNow I am not a manic news viewer, but I do like to update myself once or twice a week. To my surprise, I tuned to MSNBC to find the anchorwoman cracking up hysterically over some breaking news. Today it was revealed that Michigan police decided not to criminally charge officer Edward Sanchez for using confiscated marijuana to bake “special” brownies for him and his wife on April 21 of last year. His five minute call to 911 is nothing short of hilarious disturbing. He moans to the operator, “I think we’re dying, we made brownies and I think we’re dead, I really do!” Why it took over a year to charge the officer is insane enough, let alone dropping charges altogether. One thing is for sure, potheads around the world can rest assured that the police are not destroying their confiscated weed, they are recycling it. Click through for news video and full 911 recording.

By Joe Famularo

Bible Fight

10 05 2007

Bible FightIt seems a little strange that blasphemy and humor are often one in the same, but I’m certainly not complaining. After seeing a commercial for this flash game on Cartoon Network’s late night standby, Adult Swim, I sauntered over to to pass judgment on this sinful smack-down. Bible Fight pits some of the Bible’s most well-known ass-kickers characters against each other to find out who really deserves to be called “Lord and Master”. Despite that nagging question of “Am I going to hell for this?”, the game is tons of fun. There isn’t much that compares to watching Jesus clobber people with his cross. Plus, who knew that Eve was a smokin’ hottie? Whoops, there’s that hell feeling again. If you can make it through Tournament Mode and defeat the final boss you’ll even win a not-so-secret character. Let’s see here… Jesus, Eve, Mary, Moses, Noah, Satan… who’re we missing? HMMMM… Give it a play if you get a chance!

By Ryan Squires