Bible Fight

10 05 2007

Bible FightIt seems a little strange that blasphemy and humor are often one in the same, but I’m certainly not complaining. After seeing a commercial for this flash game on Cartoon Network’s late night standby, Adult Swim, I sauntered over to to pass judgment on this sinful smack-down. Bible Fight pits some of the Bible’s most well-known ass-kickers characters against each other to find out who really deserves to be called “Lord and Master”. Despite that nagging question of “Am I going to hell for this?”, the game is tons of fun. There isn’t much that compares to watching Jesus clobber people with his cross. Plus, who knew that Eve was a smokin’ hottie? Whoops, there’s that hell feeling again. If you can make it through Tournament Mode and defeat the final boss you’ll even win a not-so-secret character. Let’s see here… Jesus, Eve, Mary, Moses, Noah, Satan… who’re we missing? HMMMM… Give it a play if you get a chance!

By Ryan Squires