Woot Off!! – Ladies and Gentlemen Get Ready for 72 Hours of Deals

30 05 2007

I am sure most of you have heard about, or are addicted to Woot.com. Their mission is simple, to offer one item at an unbeatable price per day. Every day a different item. Or as their slogan goes, “One Day, One Deal.” Once in a while, they mix things up a little by throwing what’s known as a “Woot Off”. During this period of generally 24 to 48 hours, new deals are posted after the previous item sells out. It creates a frenzy of buying along with heated discussions on what might come next. The holy grail of Woot Offs, Bags of Crap, are sometimes placed in as the featured deal. Priced at only $1, these grab bags can contain worthless trinkets, or possibly items worth hundreds of dollars, even a Nintendo Wii! Woot Offs are a great marketing technique as it forces buyers to purchase on impulse, fearing that the offer will disappear. There are even websites dedicated solely to Woot tracking information and updates, such as trackwoot.com and bagsofcrap.com. Anyway you look at it Woot.com is a fun and unique take on online shopping. And just a little hint, a Woot Off is going on right now, so hurry on over before you miss out! I already got my first woot, an emergency roadside kit worth $80.00, for only 17 bucks.

By Joe Famularo




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