Take a peek into Pandora’s box…

30 05 2007

It’s been a bit since I’ve read up on my Greek folklore (read: never), so bear with me if this is a bit off. Pandora’s box was the last gift that the gods gave the human race. No one was quite sure what it would be, until somebody opened it and got sentenced to being eaten by vultures for the rest of eternity. Or something like that. Look it up. What am I a friggin’ encylopedia? ANYWAYS, Pandora is a lot like a modern-day, non-pagan, Web 2.0 version of that. In fact it wins the splOOg seal of approval as “Quite possibly the coolest thing ever”. Type in any band or song that you love, and it will find endless songs that are similar, and therefore awesome. Thanks to the lawyers, you can just have it play any old song that you want it to, but you can get it to play a song from an artist you like if you type in their name. It’s definitely worth a look. Check it out. Now. Please? I’ll be your best friend!

By Ryan Squires




One response

7 06 2007
baby fly drag queens

hey, pandora.com is really neat, thanks for putting it up ryan!

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