Girl Fakes Enrollment at Stanford for Eight Months – NEW SPLOOGER ALERT!

28 05 2007

Uh oh, a new member of the highly accredited splOOg team. Meet Mr. B. A legend among the community, Mr. B’s sheer presence evokes awe and commands respect. We welcome him to the blog with his first post, and you better pay your respects. Unless you’d rather pay $100, that would work too.

Whats up Y’all, This is Azor12, aka Mr. B, new author for my two taskmasters…err I mean “friends.” Lets go with that. So I will try and introduce some random thoughts as well to this Blog. To start this thing right take a look at this story.

Ok. Read up. Good

Damn Don’t know if I should be impressed with her or just shocked that Stanford did not catch this for 8 months. Wow. Impressive Stanford. Hats off to you.

Well, later days folks.

By Mr. B




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