You’re the Man Now Dog!

16 05 2007

I’m sure you’ve seen them at least once while stumbling around the net, those strange pictures with zooming words and a looping soundtrack. On the cyber-street they are known as YTMND’s. A few years back, Max Goldberg created this viral sensation when he repeated a line from Finding Forrester (“You’re the man now dog!”) in front of a tiled picture of Sean Connery on his website. That’s it. A few years and lawsuits later, Goldberg’s creation has expanded into a showroom of thousands of these simple yet hilarious creations. The website allows users to create their own ytmnd’s and share them with the world, or more likely a few snickering friends. Want to get back at a friend or co-worker? Imagine their suprized face when they see their embarrassing photo along with Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and the words “We all know you have crabs” shooting off the screen. The possibilities are endless. Give it a shot, you might find a creative spark trapped inside your soul, and create a masterpiece, like myself, involving Kanye West and herpes. A few of my fav’s include Cosby Bebop, Pepsi Blue, and the Helen Keller MMORPG.

By Joe Famularo




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