Uncyclopedia: The Ultimate Spoof

14 05 2007

How many times have you had people tell you you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet? Most of the time they’re at least partly right, but when they seem to think that no user-generated/original content has any value whatsoever, that really boils my broccoli. Next time some wise-ass spouts some uninformed internet Haterade™* on your favorite informational website (personally, mine is Wikipedia, and I’d imagine a lot of people reading this agree with that), give them something to REALLY complain about. Direct them and their complaints towards Uncyclopedia, the antithesis of it’s (much) more informative cousin. If the person happens to have a sense of humor, they’ll find plenty to chuckle at here. Every article pokes fun at its own subject in one way or another, and is generally 100% false in every way shape and form. Pointless? Yes, but it’s our civic duty as members of the brotherhood of splOOgdom to inform you of it. So start reading, damn it!

*Haterade is not a real product, no matter how much it should be.

By Ryan Squires




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