11 05 2007

There are a few things in this world that absolutely everyone loves. Food, water, money and Disneyland. There’s just something about that place that brings out everyone’s mouse-hugging inner child. Over the years, Disneyland has changed a lot. I distinctly remember flying over the park on the Skyway that passed through the Matterhorn (yes, I took that video), but, unfortunately, that ride was removed in 1994. Yesterland is a tribute to all of those great rides that have been removed from the Happiest Place on Earth for one reason or another since it’s opening in 1955. Everything from Conestoga Wagons to Rocket Rods can be found walking the halls of Disneyland’s Rest Home (as I like to call it… what? That’s not funny? Shut up, I thought it was clever). If you’re a Disneyland enthusiast, someone who hasn’t been there for a while or (God forbid) hasn’t ever been but has always wanted to, this site is sure to entertain. Yesterland: All the fun of Disneyland, without getting gum on your shoe.

By Ryan Squires




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