10 05 2007

Purple For our inaugural post, I figured I should give you a taste of the randomness that’s about to wiggle its way into your eyeballs daily. Purple.com seems like a good place to start. It’s purple. Plain and simple. If you’re a crack shot with a mouse you should be able to catch the disappearing link to the FAQ page and learn what little there is to know about this little slice of internet genius. (If not, here ya go slowpoke.) Wondering how I found it? Boredom. Yesterday I said to myself “If I ruled the world (or at least the internet), websites named after colors would just be a page full of said color.” And I got to wondering if anyone else shared my vision of a more colorful future. Red? Nope, Hi-end cameras. Yellow? Pages. Pink, brown, yellow, orange and blue I love you. All other non-colorful piles of internet dookey. Purple though, was as it should be. Hats off to you Mr. Jeff from Purple.com. You made a newborn blogger’s day.

By Ryan Squires




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